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Terminal-Taganrog Tank Farm manages independently owned oil and gas storage tank in Russia which are operated by Abc Storage management and not owned by oil companies in Russia and Europe and our management charges all oil companies the necessary bills for storage and handling their products. We are among the top operators of petroleum tank storage in Russia with various storage capacity with our continuous partnership with other major petroleum tank storage providers in Europe and with bulk liquid cargo storage facilities. The products we handle at our terminals includes but not limited to Aviation Kerosene, Jet Fuel A1, JP54, Heavy, and Light Diesel Oi (D2), Gasoline, Mazut M00-75/99, Petroleum Coke, Crude oil, Virgin Fuel Oil (D6), Chemicals.


Terminal-Taganrog Tank Storage is the world's leading independent tank storage company. We operate a global network of terminals in Russian and Rotterdam port. With honest history and a strong focus on sustainability, including safety, we ensure the safe and efficient storage and handling of bulk liquid products and gases for our customers.

Terminal-Taganrog Tank Storag also subleases in the heart of the Russia port and port of Rotterdam complies with the international standard directive, which means an extended safety management system audited annually by the local authorities. Terminal-Taganrog Tank Farm has one system for all its terminals.
The storage tank has a perfect base for clients from around the world. The storage tank terminal operates three different multi-purpose distillation units. The total storage capacity is well above 900,000 tons. Typically processed parcel sizes are between 1,000 and 900,000 tons. Terminal-Taganrog Tank Farm petrochemical Industrial distillation operates its own laboratory.
Terminal-Taganrog Tank Farm global operational standards is important for operational excellence. For this reason Terminal-Taganrog Tank Farm has carefully recorded and analyzed its operational best practices for global implementation. These standards cover all aspects of our storage terminal’s lifecycle in the fields of Safety, Health, Environment, Quality and Operations, as well as Technical and Project Management.
We operate a global network of terminals located at strategic locations along major trade routes. With good history and a strong focus on sustainability, including safety, we ensure safe efficient and clean storage and handling of bulk liquid products and gases for our customers. By doing so, we enable the delivery of products that are vital to our economy and daily lives, ranging from oil, chemicals, gases and biofuels.
Terminal-Taganrog Tank Farm provides services for receiving, storing and dispensing petroleum products at its own oil depots located in the cities of Vladivostok, Usloga, Primorsk and Rotterdam terminal port. Oil depots are intended for storage of light oil products. The tank farm’s tank farm consists of 366 tanks with a total capacity of 3,017,015 m3.
Our co-operation with the international ports plays an important role in providing services to the storage of fuel for our customers. To carry out the storage and sale of fuel and various lubricants, need a special license for the storage of petroleum products. State shall issue such licenses only to those companies that have all the necessary equipment.