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Terminal-Taganrog Tank Farm consists of several multi-modern storage tanks terminals with huge capacity for crude oil and all petroleum products situated in various port terminals in Russia, Rotterdam port. Each cargo batch is stored in separate storage tanks and is not mixed with others. This allows preserving the initial quantity and quality of products. The storage tanks have a computerized metering system, which allows a quick and accurate establishment of quantity of products stored in the tanks. The quality parameters are controlled by the modern laboratory of the Terminal. Floating roofs mounted in light and heavy oil product and crude oil storage tanks reduce evaporation of oil products and environmental pollution.
We are among the top operators of tank farms in Russia with various storage capacity with our continuous partnership with other major tank storage providers in Europe and the United States with bulk liquid cargo storage facilities. The products we handle at our terminals includes but not limited to Aviation Kerosene, Jet Fuel A1, JP54, Heavy, and Light Diesel Oi (D2), Gasoline, Mazut M00-75/99, Petroleum Coke, Crude oil, Virgin Fuel Oil (D6), Chemicals.

An oil depot (sometimes called a tank farm, installation or oil terminal) is an industrial facility for the storage of oil and/or petrochemical products and from which these products are usually transported to end users or further storage facilities. An oil depot typically has tankage, either above ground or underground, and gantries (framework) for the discharge of products into road tankers or other vehicles (such as barges) or pipelines.


Terminal-Taganrog Storage terminals operations commence in commercial seaport in Russia federation with large capacity, but today, we utilize our own modern and multi-purpose bunkering for a higher capacity, handling arrays of storage and logistics services for domestic and international customers.


Our multipurpose Rotterdam dry & liquid bulk terminal is located at a strategic points in Laurenshaven, and Europoort Rotterdam in The Netherlands. Our activities includes loading, unloading, transshipment,blending, heating, storage, handling... With storage capacity of 420,000 cubic meters.